When to Harvest Weed Outdoors?

Harvesting at the right time is crucial when it comes to growing weed outdoors. If you harvest too early, you will have premature buds, which will lead to a poor product and a lower yield. Harvest too late and the potency of your weed declines sharply or turns to rot.

The telltale sign of a weed ready to harvest is when the plant’s hairs, or pistils, are nearly all blackened and curled. If your buds seem thick and dense, but there are still straight white pistils left, now is not the time. The most reliable way to tell if your plant is ready to harvest is to use a microscope.

You want to watch the trichome heads to see when they change from clear to amber.

When 80% of the hairs have turned from white to red, it’s good! It is also important to look at your strain’s info, the more Sativa it is, the longer it will take to finish flowering.

After the Harvest, the drying of your Weed

The drying of your plants must be done in a well ventilated, dry and dark place. Around 20/22 degrees and a maximum humidity of 55%. And it left for two weeks logically.

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