1. 成長のための栄養素
  2. ブルーム栄養素
  3. カルマグ
  4. つぼみブースター
  5. 甘味料のつぼみ
  6. pHダウン(硝酸(N)酸)
  7. pHダウン(リン酸(P)酸)
  8. pHアップ

The answer is you don’t need that many products and in this case “less is more”. Weed Seed Thailand is presently developing a low cost/high performance Nutrient System that consists of a starter nutrient buffer mix, a Primary Nutrient mix (8 11 10) with pH Down+ (1 4 0) for veg and with pH Down+ (0 4 3) for flowering. The nutrient mix is essentially comprised of Cal-Mag, pH down, and Micro-nutrients along with some additional Potash. All ingredients are imported from Europe and most from BASF in Germany, except the Micro-nutrients, which are imported from Australia. Effectively, these are the finest nutrient ingredients of their kind available anywhere.

提供する計画は、 Weed Seed Nutrient System エンドユーザーが混合を行う乾燥した「キット」。水を足す(注ぐ)だけ!

1. Coco Buffer (0.5 0 0) starter mix

2. 5-part Primary Nutrient (8 11 10)

3. Grow pH Down+ (1 4 0)

4. Bloom pH Down+ (0 4 3)

Below is a table that summarizes how I have been using the Nutrient System.

When applying any solution, it is recommended that a moderately high frequency fertigation technique, with 10% to 20% of the solution ending up running out the bottom of the container(s), can be utilized. This will help to mitigate salts buildup and to utilize the potential of the Nutrient System.

Then below there are pictures of some recent results.



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