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If using Coco as the base growing media, it must be washed and buffered for best results. Coco is available pre-washed (soaked) in 80 liter sacks. Then after the containers are filled, a 100% container volume Coco Buffer mixture application (a 10 liter container gets 10 liters of Coco Buffer mixture) can act as a nutrient buffer and can be used to wet the washed Coco based growing media before planting seeds or seedlings. Here’s a link to a technical paper on this topic. Once you have planted, then you are ready to ‘Rock & Roll’ with a nutrient and pH management system.

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Here are the ingredients of a safe pesticide that I have been using. It is effective but it should be used for at least five (5) consecutive days when needed. Plants and surrounding soil or coco are best sprayed at dusk outdoors or just before lights go out indoors. It is not recommended for use during flowering. Two (2) liter mix.

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Why do Coco growers need so many nutrient products? The answer is you don’t need that many products and in this case “less is more”. Weed Seed Thailand is presently developing a low cost/high performance Nutrient System that consists of a starter nutrient buffer mix, a Primary Nutrient mix (8 11 10) with pH Down+ (1 4 0) for veg and with pH Down+ (0 4 3) for flowering. The nutrient mix is essentially comprised of Cal-Mag, pH down, and Micro-nutrients along with some additional Potash. All ingredients are imported from Europe and most from BASF in Germany, except the Micro-nutrients, which are imported from Australia. Effectively, these are the

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Today, Weed Seeds announced the beginning of online sales of Cannabis Seeds in Thailand. Learn why purchasing cannabis seeds from Weed Seeds in Thailand is a fantastic idea and what makes visiting our seed shop such a pleasurable experience. Despite Thailand’s recent legalization of marijuana cultivation, many Thai people still have reservations about buying marijuana seeds because they feel exposed when making their first internet purchase. Cannabis production is at its most exciting right now because it has recently become legal in Thailand. Despite the absence of seed banks in Thailand, Weed Seeds vast selection of strains gives you access to genetics from all over the world and from each

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