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#9 Pound hammer fast – High Speed Buds


#9 Pound Hammer Fast is a development by High Voltage Seeds seedbank based on work previously done by Jinxproofs seedbank. By crossing their automatic version with a selected parent, they have managed to bring the harvest forward between 10 and 15 days. This allows more crops to be grown throughout the year in indoor facilities.

Due to its rapid flowering, the plant adapts well to different types of cultivation. In outdoor crops it acclimatizes well even to the northernmost regions with short summers, since it is usually ready during the second half of September. In indoor crops, it completes the cycle in about 7 weeks. Being a dominant Indica, the plants stretch little when they start flowering and do not grow much (80 – 100 cm).

The yield of #9 Pound Hammer is very high, taking into account its fast flowering. The buds are hard and compact and end up covered in resin, sometimes turning purple. Yields of up to 600 grams per square meter can be expected with THC levels exceeding 20%.

In the terpene profile of #9 Pound Hammer, notes of melon and lime stand out on a fruity background. Its effect lives up to its name, as it hits hard and fast, providing a strong body relaxation.

#9 Pound hammer fast High Speed Buds


9 Pound hammer fast cannabis seeds create plants that are predominantly indica. Through selection and inbreeding, High Speed Buds has stabilized the original version of this strain, which dates back to the American seed bank Jinxproofs, and reduced flowering time by a few days. As a result, an exceptionally potent and high-yielding strain has been created.

Because of its rapid flowering, #9 Pound Hammer Fast is suitable for both indoors and outdoors. She is suitable for outdoor growth even in northern countries with short summers, as she is usually completed flowering by mid to late September. She requires 50 to 55 days to reach full maturity when grown indoors. The plant does not grow too tall and does not have an excessive amount of “stretch” due to its indica genetics. Flower initiation is roughly 25cm (10 in) and the final height is 80-100cm (30-40 in) with 600W lighting.

This strain generates exceptionally large yields, especially considering its short flowering time. Expect a lot of rock hard nuggets. The buds have big calyxes that are coated with resin and can develop slightly purple colours. Expect 600g (1.3 lb) per m2 (11 SF) of exceptionally strong buds with up to 27% THC content.

The name “9 Pound Hammer Fast” is accurate. It hits powerfully and fast, resulting in a quick onset and strong body stoned relaxation. This strain is useful in the treatment of pain and anxiety. But beware, 9 Pound Hammer Fast delivers a punch and leaves you exhausted! As a result, it is better not to hit it right after waking up!

Characteristics of #9 Pound hammer fast

Sex Feminized
Variety 10 % Sativa 90% Indica
Strain Genetics Gooberry x Jesus OG Kush
Flowering Type Photoperiod and fast version
Flowering Time 7 Weeks
Where to Grow Indoor, Greenhouse, Outdoor
Seed Bank High Speed Buds
Effect strong body stoned relaxation
Taste Fruity, Melon, Lime
THC Content

CBD Content

up to 27%


Indoor Size 80-100 cm
Outdoor Size 180-220 cm
Indoor 500-600 g/m²
Outdoor 650 gr/plant
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