AK47 Autoflowering

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Our AK47 Auto is the result of a hybrid between two classic strains: AK47 and Lowryder. She is the best AK47 autoflower that has ever existed.

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AK47 Autoflowering

The AK47 Autoflowering will grow to a height between 75 and 100 cm.

Plants with full, large buds that are covered in crystals and have a strong aroma that is fruity, sweet, a little lemony,

and a little spicy.

Strong effects, only THC; no CBD.

Plants that are grown for medical purposes can be used to treat anxiety, chronic pain, and mental disorders.

can be grown both inside and outside.

Around 20 days will pass during the AK47 Autoflowering ‘s growing phase before this little gem begins to bloom.

Since AK 47 Autoflowering is quite compact and unobtrusive, it works well for balcony growing. We advise using

7-liter pots. On an outdoor plant in good condition, you might anticipate up to 90 grams. The type of lighting you

have indoors could affect the outcome.


After planting the seed, you’ll obtain a high-quality product in 70 days. The AK47 Autoflowering we offer is reliable.

For good reasons, this coveted strain continues to be a must-have in locations where marijuana is legal to purchase.
It is a strong plant with exceptional growing qualities that has garnered numerous accolades throughout the years.
You can create a plant that is equally as good as the original AK-
47 by crossing it with the Ruderalis, but with the advantage that it grows faster and begins flowering automatically.
Yes, that is the only significant distinction.


Do you want to grow a high-quality cannabis that is simple to grow?
Afterward, purchase the top AK-47 autoflowering seeds!

Why you should buy AK-47 autoflower seeds:

  • short harvesting period
  • Easy to grow and very suitable for beginners
  • Incense-like aroma
  • Strong effects


VarietyMostly Sativa
Strain GeneticsAK47
Flowering Typeautomatic, no cycle change
Flowering Time70 days from the seed
Where to GrowIndoor, Greenhouse, Outdoor
Tastesweet, Lemony, spicy
THC Content22%
Yield90g per plant are produced.
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1 review for AK47 Autoflowering

  1. Jerry Phuket (verified owner)

    It might be the strongest AK47 i have smoked since my trip to Amsterdam. It’s a very small plant but with compact buds and she’s smelling like …wow.

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