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Auto Afghan Skunk Advanced Seeds


Afghan Skunk Auto is Advanced Seeds’ automatic marijuana strain of Afghan Skunk. This specimen, like its feminized counterpart, is extremely potent and simple to grow because it readily accepts all culture media and corrects minor mistakes made by inexperienced growers.

Both indoors and out, this plant can grow to a maximum height of between 75 and 120 cm. The plant will produce extremely fragrant and resinous buds during the flowering stage, giving off the distinctive smell of hashish. In this way, if grown in a growing room, we advise using a good ventilation system.

Auto afghan skunk from Advanced Seeds


The Afghan Skunk feminized by Advanced Seeds represents the pinnacle of Skunk genetics. Even for beginners, they are simple to grow, and in colder climates, they show a nice change in color. The Afghan Skunk plant is strong and very productive.

Afghan Skunk feminized by Advanced Seeds is a sophisticated example of powerful Skunk genetics. Plants grown from Afghan Skunk seeds develop into a very strong and productive resin factory. Despite its small size of 60-100cm (indoors; outdoors: 2-3m), Afghan Skunk produces well, with an average harvest of 400-500g/m2. The plant grows an incredible, elongated, and massive main central bud coated in resin.

Afghan Skunk by Advanced Seeds has an 8-week flowering time and is very resistant to harsh climates. When exposed to lower temperatures, the flowers of the Afghan Skunk change color to a reddish purple. This Indica/Sativa hybrid’s buds have an intense aroma and delectable flavor, which is clearly inherited from its Skunk ancestor. And its THC content of 17% is not to be ignored.


Characteristics of Auto afghan skunk from Advanced Seeds

Sex Feminized
Variety Sativa hybrid
Strain Genetics
(Afghan x Skunk) Auto
Flowering Type automatic
Flowering Time 65-75 days after sowing
Height 75-100cm (indoor) and 80-120cm (outdoor)
Where to Grow Indoor, Greenhouse, Outdoor
Effect extremely relaxing
Taste hearty hashish aroma
THC Content 17%
Indoor 500 gr/m2
Outdoor  750 gr/plant
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