Beach Wedding Buds


Grade AAAA Grade
Effect euphoric effects that are physically relaxing and fast-acting
Type balanced 50 % indica 50 % sativa  hybrid cross between Tropicanna Cookies X Wedding Cake
Taste pungent with earthy undertones of citrus.
THC Content  25%
Medical Benefit lleviate anxiety, insomnia, pain, and symptoms associated with depression. Beach Wedding produces an energizing high that has been reported to be appetite-inducing and make people feel euphoric and relaxed.


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Beach Wedding Buds

Beach Wedding is a wonderful hybrid strain that was produced by crossing the tasty Tropicanna Cookies X Wedding Cake strains. It is balanced at 50% indica and 50% sativa. Beach Wedding is the ideal beachy cannabis strain if you’re looking for a tasty flavor and calming effects. This strain’s flavor is a delightful blend of its two incredible parent strains: it’s fruity and sugary, but it’s also acidic, sour, and zesty, with a general vanilla cake flavor. It smells like freshly made vanilla cake mixed with tart citrus and fresh fruits. After you release your breath, the Beach Wedding high fades.
entering your mind with a renewed sensation of drive and vitality. Your mind will be stimulated, and you’ll experience a wonderfully relaxing physical high that sometimes leaves you feeling pretty couch-locked. Your cerebral gears will start to turn swiftly. Because of these benefits and its high average THC content of 22-29%, Beach Wedding is frequently used to treat patients with ailments like chronic pain, melancholy, mood swings, chronic stress, and anxiety. Little grape-shaped forest green nugs with thin orange hairs, dark olive leaves, and a layer of milky white crystal trichomes adorn this bud.
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