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Not sure which weed seeds to grow? You can anticipate a stunning weed plant from our C99 seeds that has a bushy stature, large yields, a quick flowering period, and a high THC content (up to 23%).

Cinderella 99 is a sativa-dominant hybrid marijuana strain produced by Mr. Soul of Brothers Grimm. It is also known as “C99,” “Cindy,” and “Cindy 99.” Cinderella 99 is famous for her powerful cerebral high, pleasant fruity flavors, and massive yields. Mr. Soul claims that C99 was made from seeds found in a Sensi branded 2 gram packet of Jack Herer purchased at an Amsterdam coffee shop. Cinderella 99 is a favorite among indoor growers due to its compact, bushy growth, great yields, short blooming time, and high THC concentration. Cindy’s effects are typically regarded as dreamy, happy, and upbeat. Cinderella 99 is used by medical marijuana patients to alleviate symptoms of weariness and stress.

Feminized Cindy 99 cannabis seeds are excellent for the indoor home grower, maturing into a short and busy plant that is ideal for Sea of Green or SCROG cultivation, resulting in a high yield in optimal conditions. The short flowering time is also a positive, as the time to harvest is quite quick, with only 48-56 days required for tasty buds to be ready. The Cinderella 99 variety also has a high THC content, which differ based on yield, however samples from this batch of seeds have been reported as high as 23%.

After a few hits, a euphoric rush takes over, lasting close to ten minutes. The experience that follows is near-psychedelic, with heightened senses and a great appreciation for music. Creativity peaks, allowing you to finish artistic tasks or any activity requiring a fresh viewpoint.

Later on, a powerful body stone takes control, leaving you completely relaxed and tranquil. Despite the substantial physical effects, they do not produce couch lock or sedation. They provide a sensation of serenity and tranquillity to counteract the strong mental rush. The effects last anywhere from 4 to 6 hours.

The strain contains powerful pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory characteristics that help people with cancer, menstrual cramps, and arthritis manage migraines and chronic pain. The strain’s capacity to stimulate appetite makes it a favorite choice for people suffering from eating disorders as a result of harsh cancer and Aids treatments.


Characteristics of C99

Sex Feminized
Variety 30% Sativa 70% Indica
Strain Genetics Shiva Skunk, and Jack Herer
Flowering Type Photoperiodic
Flowering Time 9 to 11 weeks for blossoming
Where to Grow Indoor, Greenhouse, Outdoor
Effect Energetic, Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed, Uplifted
Taste Apple, Citrus, Earthy, Pine, Pineapple, Sweet
CBD Content

THC Content



Indoor Yield

Outdoor yield

450 g/m2

600-800 g/plant

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    Shipped as promised, well packaged with EMS tracking. Excellent communication from Orawan. Would recommend.

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