Chronic is a legendary cannabis strain from the West Coast. Our feminized seeds will produce a marijuana plant with a tremendous output and an incredible effect.

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Chronic weed seed is a cross between Sativa and Indica strains. It’s a medium-sized, powerful, and easy-to-grow marijuana plant that produces a large number of compact, high-quality buds with a high resin content.

Anti-odor devices should be used indoors to counteract the strong perfume it emits during flowering.

Chronic weed seed has a powerful flavor and aroma, with lemon and exotic wood undertones.

Her physical and emotional influence is long-lasting, robust, and well-balanced. It’s perfectly safe to utilize in a

medicinal marijuana setting.

Chronic Presentation

Given that this hybrid seed is 70% indica and 30% sativa, it tends to lean more toward the indica side.
Having saying that, the buds are still substantial and dense.
They are long and tapering, light green in color, and feature amber-colored pistils.
The leaves are purple-hued and have a dark green color.
Buds of chronic marijuana frequently have a thin layer of trichomes and a pale green color.
Additionally, some orange pistils may be visible on professionally cured Chronic, according to growers.

Continual Aroma

Chronic has a peppery, sweet aroma with a hint of lemon and pepper.
Thanks to its Skunk ancestry, Chronic has a strong, pungent flavor.
Users need to prepare for an ashy, astringent smack to the back of the throat.
Users may detect hints of spice and pine behind the overpowering skunk as they become used to Chronic’s kick.
The earthy flavor will emerge more strongly and the sweetness will fade as soon as they burn the Chronic cannabis.The smoke is silky and creamy, with a slight aftertaste of sweetness.

Chronic weed seed Prizes in Cannabis Cups:

  • 3rd Extracts – Cannabis Cultural Week Spain – 2016
  • 3rd Extracts – Skull in Cabezon de la Sal Spain – 2016
  • 2nd Outside – El Punto Cup Spain 2005
  • 1st Hydroponic – HighLife Cup Barcelona – 2004
  • 2st Hydroponic – HighLife Cup Barcelona – 2004
  • 1rd Indoor – La Bella Flor Cup Spain – 2003
  • 3rd Hydroponic – High Times Cannabis Cup – 1994

Characteristics of Chronic

 Tastepepper, spicy, Fruits, Lemon, spices
 THCUp to 20%
 CBD< 1%
Harvest  Indoor500 – 600 gr/m2
 Harvest Outdoor800– 1000 gr/plant
UP TO 120 CM / 47 INCH
UP TO 230 CM / 91 INCH
 Flowering56-63 days
 GenesSativa 30%  Indica 70%


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