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Fat Bastard


Having a yield of 400–600g of dried flowers per square meter in indoor cannabis growing, Fat Bastard has an 8–10 week flowering time. When grown outdoors, it has an ideal yield of 700–900g per plant. We advise growing Fat Bastard in LST or SCROG cultivation to improve its performance, encourage the development of  flower sites, and increase its yield.


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Easy-to-grow cannabis strain Fat Bastard  has a fruity, skunky scent. It is distinguished by having a THC content that ranges from 30 to 38%, depending on growth conditions.

Goldmember and Monkey Spunk came together to create the Indica Sativa hybrid known as Fat Bastard. A new line that is both potent and fragrant is the end product.

Fat Bastard is a robust plant that tolerates small cultivation errors. A cultivar that is definitely simple to grow and yields top-notch results for both expert and inexperienced growers.

With a THC content of up to 30–38%, Fat Bastard produces tall, dense, and compact flowers that are covered in a thick film of resin.

It has flavors and fragrances that blend elements of exotic fruits with a floral and sweet undertone that are evocative of Skunk genetics. Definitely a flavor explosion.

With a cerebral high that gradually transitions into a relaxed stage of a physical and mental stone, Fat Bastard has a strong and intense effect.

Characteristics of Fat Bastard

Sex Feminized
Variety hybrid with balanced blend of both Sativa and Indica characteristics
Strain Genetics Goldmember * monkey spunk
Flowering Type Photoperiodic
Flowering Time 8 to 10 weeks
Where to Grow Indoor, Greenhouse, Outdoor
Effect euphoric high with physical and mental stone
Taste  fruity and Skunk flavour
THC Content

CBD Content

up to 38% THC.


Yield Indoor

Yield Outdoor

400 g to 600 g per sqm

up to 900 grams per plant

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