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Gelato #33 from Advanced Seeds


Gelato 33 from Advanced Seeds is a taste delight with astounding THC levels. It is smooth and enticing. This well-balanced hybrid leaves marijuana lovers craving more with its sweet fragrances, mouthwatering flavor, and energizing high.

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Gelato #33 from Advanced Seeds


Gelato #33 is a delicious mix that offers everything you need. The well-known genetics of GSC Thin Mints and Sunset Sherbets enable Gelato 33 to produce a profusion of flavor that bursts in the mouth with each puff.

This flavorful beauty is as much fun to grow as she is to smoke, so don’t worry about attempting to tame her. Expect inside heights of 90-120 cm and astounding outdoor heights of 200-250 cm. Despite being average, the blossoming period, which lasts between 55 and 60 days, is definitely worth the wait. When Gelato 33 is grown all the way to harvest, she will yield you 550–600g/m2, which is a remarkable yield given the exceptional THC levels she produces. You can anticipate your harvest at the end of September if you let her to flourish outside.

The scents of Gelato 33 are strong and sweet, whether they are present during bloom or when it is rolled into a blunt. A citrus-dominated scent is complemented by earthy undertones. She has an alluring appearance to match her alluring smell. Buds swell in size during the last few weeks of blossoming, displaying their vivid orange hairs and purple tones.

The sensory experience doesn’t end there; a stunning 25% THC ensures even the most hardened stoner is left exhilarated and uplifted. Her hybrid nature ensures a balanced high that won’t leave you drowsy or couch-locked. Instead, expect surges of euphoria to energize you.

Characteristics of Gelato #33

Sex Feminized
Variety mostly indica
Strain Genetics Sunset Sherbert X G.S.C Thin Mints
Flowering Type Photoperiodic
Flowering Time 9-10 weeks
Where to Grow Indoor, Greenhouse, Outdoor
Effect powerful psychoactive and relaxing effect
Taste sweet aromas, citrus notes, earthy notes
THC Content can go up to 25%
Indoor 550-600 g/m2
Outdoor 650  gr/plant
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