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Gorilla cookies fast – High Speed Buds


Gorilla Cookies Fast is the feminized sister of our incredible Gorilla Cookies Auto, with unique characteristics and flavor. In addition, the High Speed ​​Buds, with this delicious genetics, with a very fast flowering cycle and ideal for outdoor crops in less favorable climates. To obtain Gorilla Cookies Fast we have crossed Gorilla Glue #4 with our Gorilla Cookies Auto, obtaining a 60% Indica genetic that maintains the aroma of mint cookies with hints of kush that made its ancestors famous. It is a simple genetic cultivar, which will be ready for harvest in about 7 weeks. On the outside, their maturation will end very close to the end of September, a target date for areas with more rain and shorter summers. The size and porte of this genetics allow to reach very interesting production figures, between 500 – 600 grams per plant.

Gorilla cookies fast High Speed Buds


The Gorilla Cookies Fast strain allows you to develop tasty and strong buds in a shorter amount of time. This cannabis strain is the result of a cross between Gorilla Glue #4 and a selected Gorilla Cookies Auto. Its strong potency and rich flavor make it an excellent basis for extracts!

Gorilla Cookies Fast has quite different features than the original; in addition to the traditional woody, citrus, and sweet aromas, this highly evolved strain of cannabis has a particularly thick, fruity aftertaste carried by a delightful earthy aroma. With a THC level of up to 25%, the cannabis has a very strong and energizing impact! Enjoy a long-lasting high that will put you in a calm state of mind with a little sedating impact after a few hours.

This strain has a strong core trunk and numerous robust side branches. You will be able to gather more than 400g/m2 when growing inside. The strain will flower in 50 days thanks to the speed-optimized breeding genetics, and you will receive tasty psychoactive buds! The best way to take advantage of this strain’s remarkable growth characteristics is to grow it outside. She will be ready for harvest in early September, producing over 500g of resin-covered buds per plant.

Characteristics of Gorilla cookies fast

Sex Feminized
Variety 40 % Sativa 60% Indica
Strain Genetics Gorilla Glue #4 x Gorilla Cookies Auto
Flowering Type Photoperiod and fast version
Flowering Time 8 – 10 weeks
Where to Grow Indoor, Greenhouse, Outdoor
Seed Bank High Speed Buds
Effect  long-lasting high ,relaxed state of mind with a slightly sedating effect
Taste fruity aftertaste, woody, citrus,, sweet aroma
THC Content

CBD Content

up to 25%


Indoor Size 90-100cm
Outdoor Size 180-200 cm
Indoor 400 gr/m²
Outdoor 600gr/plant
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