Gorilla Glue Bubble Hash


Grade AAAA Grade
Effect powerful, strain of cannabis with profound calming effects
Type 60% indica and 40% sativa
Taste sour and chocolatey, with undertones of earth and diesel
THC Content 48%
Medical Benefit to treat anxiety attacks or depressive periods, while others enjoy the sensation of bodily calm and relaxation. Most chronic symptoms, such as arthritis or persistent back pain, should be relieved with Bubble Hash – Gorilla Glue.
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Premium local Ice water bubble hash, made with 100% indoor flower

Bubble Hash – Gorilla Glue is one example of superb hash that exists and is definitely worth trying out. This hash is one of the most potent on the market, made from the Gorilla Glue cannabis strain. The genetic make-up is a cross between Chocolate Diesel, Sour Dub, and Chem Sister. This excellent cannabis product is derived from several strains and offers incredible euphoric.

After taking some of this Bubble Hash – Gorilla Glue, you might feel completely at ease and at rest. If you find it too powerful, we recommend taking it with food to lessen the psychoactive effects. How may it be used therapeutically? Because of its heightened potency, hash has long been used as a therapeutic product. Because it is concentrated cannabis, many people use it to self-treat certain medical ailments.

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