Hawaiian Fanta Buds


Grade AAAA Grade
Effect euphoric feeling
Type Pineapple Fanta x Grape Gasoline

Sativa Dominant

Taste Peach, tropical, citrus
THC Content 27%
Medical Benefit treating glaucoma sufferers, it has some pain-relieving properties.
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Hawaiian Fanta Buds

Hawaiian Fanta is a pure sativa strain that hits hard and leaves some users with minimal to no bodily effects. For first-time users or those seeking more relaxing benefits, the head effects could be a bit strong. The Hawaiian Sativa plant has also been dubbed “banana pot,” however this isn’t due to its tropical ancestry; rather, it’s because of its long, curved blooms that mimic the fruit. These so-called “banana buds” taste and smell more like citrus, but they are longer than regular banana buds, which gives lots of space for sticky resin and makes the strain strong and high in THC. Due to its potent effects, this strain is well-liked during the day and has proven to be successful in treating glaucoma sufferers. Hawaiian Sativa is a real sativa.
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