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High voltage fast – High Speed Buds


High Voltage Fast seeds are the result of the work of our breeders to obtain a feminized “Fast” version of our High Voltage Auto. For this, they have crossed it again with the Grape Stomper and the result has been a productive genetics, very resinous and with a short flowering cycle. The flowering of this variety will be ready in between 6 and 7 weeks indoors, but it is outdoors that shows its true speed: it can be harvested between the end of August and the beginning of September, ideal dates for growers who usually have problems with early rains. Or too short summers. It is also a genetic with high productive capacity as each specimen can reach 550-600 grams. The flavor and aroma of this genetic remains very faithful to that of its ancestors, fruity aromas with a strong presence of the grape as the protagonist.

High voltage fast High Speed Buds


High Voltage Fast is a sativa-dominant hybrid created by crossing Grape Stomper with High Voltage Auto. A dense trichome network obscures the appearance of the resin-covered buds, yet this does not detract from the potent impact. A plethora of orange pistils release a pleasantly sweet grape aroma and flavor that will fascinate you as well. The weed’s effect is uplifting and euphoric, and it can provide a significant energy boost. Some smokers take advantage of this fact by munching on it first thing in the morning as an alarm clock substitute.

The marijuana of the High Voltage Fast plant has a rich grape flavor with a lovely berry scent. This strain has a gentle and pleasant smoke that does not make you cough. Although the THC level varies slightly, you can still rely on its quick effects. Consumption provides a strong cerebral high that will raise your mood and make you grin. After a few hours, you’ll feel a physical high that spreads to your limbs, making them heavy and relaxed. If you are a less experienced user, this impact may result in couch lock.

The High Voltage Fast variety grows well both inside and outdoors, and you may harvest it starting in mid-September. High Voltage Fast produces at least 550g per plant in outdoor grows! If you prefer to cultivate this strain inside, hydroponics are the best option because the cannabis plant can achieve its maximum potential under these conditions. The wonderful short blooming duration of about 6 weeks allows you to acquire great early flowering harvests rapidly. Indoor cultivation yields a very good 600g / m2! Whatever version you choose, you will be rewarded both indoors and outdoors with rich, resinous buds that the High Voltage Fast Strain can thrive on.

Characteristics of High voltage fast

Sex Feminized
Variety 50 % Sativa 50% Indica
Strain Genetics Grape Stomper x High Voltage Auto
Flowering Type Photoperiod and fast version
Flowering Time 6 – 8 weeks
Where to Grow Indoor, Greenhouse, Outdoor
Seed Bank High Speed Buds
Effect uplifting, euphoric, ernergetic
Taste Sweet, Fruity, Grape
THC Content

CBD Content

15 to 20% THC.


Indoor Size 80-90cm
Outdoor Size 180-220 cm
Indoor 550-600 g/m²
Outdoor 1.5kg/plant
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High Speed Bud


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