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Northern Lights #10


To calm the entire body and mind with around 25 percent THC.
Aromas of pine and musky with a sweet and sour flavor.
Ideal for yielding indoors Landrace parents.

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Northern Lights #10 resulting from the cross between a Northern Lights x Secret Hybrid will produce a primarily indica hybrid strain. The strain will likely have citrus and earthy flavors with a strong body effect mainly indica. It also has a high THC level of between 20 and 25% making it a great choice for those looking for a strong and relaxing experience. Northern Lights #10 was created over 25 years old by Dutch cannabis breeder The Flying Dutchmen. This strain has Afghani/Skunk genetics and is one of the most popular and acclaimed strains of all time. Northern Lights #10 has a sweet and fruity aromatic profile with notes of lemon and citrus. This strain is known for its powerful, relaxing and calming effect as well as its sweet terpene taste. It is one of the best to grow indoors as it is a fast flowering plant and produces a large harvest. It is a fungus and pest resistant strain, making it ideal for beginners to growing cannabis.
This strain has a high concentration of THC, making it ideal for beginners in cannabis cultivation. This Northern Lights #10 strain has a citrus and earthy flavors, happy, relaxed and chatty effects with a combination of cannabis flower and cannabis concentrate and terpenes. Terpenes found in this strain should include alpha-pinene, beta-pinene, caryophyllene, caryophyllene oxide, farnesene, humulene, limonene, linalool, myrcene and terpinolene which helps for  anxiety, depression and have also analgesic properties.

Characteristics of Northern Lights #10

Sex Feminized
Variety  10% Sativa / Indica 90%
Strain Genetics Nothern Lights crossed with secret Hybrid
Flowering Type Photoperiodic
Flowering Time 50 to 55 days
Where to Grow Indoor, Greenhouse, Outdoor
Effect Happy, relaxed, talkative
Taste Citrus, earthy
THC Content

CBD Content

Around 25% THC.


Yield Indoor

Yield Outdoor

500 g to 600 g per sqm

up to 800 grams per plant

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