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Northern Lights Auto


Everyone adores Northern Lights Auto because she develops into a mind-blowing Indica that does well even in the hands of novice weed growers.

Northern Lights Auto is really rather simple, and you can always count on getting good results. With her, expect to get plentiful harvests of buds with a high resin content. With this strain, you’ll experience a powerful and enduring sense of calm.

Both therapeutic and recreational users can utilize this.

An incredibly tough autoflowering variety that is simple to grow and ideal for beginners. exceptionally generous yields that have a powerful impact.

When growing this strain you can expect plants to reach a height of 90-120cm

We were able to increase yields in addition to the extraordinarily high plant resilience to the Northern Lights. a strain that is extremely resilient, adapts well to heat and cold, and requires little upkeep. Her buds have an almost long and narrow structure, are light, airy, and cold. The bud is shaped like an acorn and has inflated calyx emerging from it all over.

Characteristics of Northern Lights Auto

SexFeminized and Automatic
VarietyRuderalis 30% / 10% Sativa / Indica 60%
Strain GeneticsNorthern Lights # 2 x # 5 with Ruderalis
Flowering TypeAutomatic
Flowering TimeGrowth + Flowering: 80 days
Where to GrowIndoor, Greenhouse, Outdoor
THC ContentAround 20% THC.
YieldIndoor: 30 g per plant
Outdoor: 100/150 grams per plant
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