NYC Diesel Auto


NYC Diesel Auto plants grow well both indoors and outdoors. Its tight, compact nature, on the other hand, works best indoors, where the environment can be controlled. Keep an eye out for mold and bud rot when growing this hybrid. The simplest method to avoid this is to protect your plants from severe rains, which is why many beginners choose to produce these seeds indoor.

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NYC Diesel Auto is a relatively compact, strong, and simple-to-grow marijuana plant that produces large, dense, high-quality buds all over its primary stem and branches during a brief flowering time.

NYC Diesel Auto is a robust strain that can tolerate most environmental conditions. Grow this Cannabis seed in a warm, dry environment for the greatest results. Autoflowering seeds are not affected by the seasons. These feminized seeds are ideal for growing indoors.

This plant has a strong flavor and aroma with undertones of diesel, citrus, and exotic fruits.

This strain  has a potent and well-balanced impact, beginning with mental stimulation and ending with a relaxing feeling.

The high produced bythis strain is peaceful and creative, making it excellent for an afternoon smoke. Its sativa genetics excite and uplift, making it ideal for social gatherings and creative endeavors. The fairly balanced indica heritage helps to keep psychosis at bay, while the sativa keeps couchlock at bay. The end result is a balanced exhilaration that can help anyone get through a stressful day.

Characteristics of NYC Diesel Auto

Sex Feminized
Variety 50% sativa 40% indica 10% ruderalis
Strain Genetics NYC Diesel x Lowryder # 2
Flowering Type automatic
Flowering Time 8 to 10  weeks from seedling
Where to Grow Indoor, Greenhouse, Outdoor
Energetic relaxed
Citrus, Diesel, Grapefruit, Orange, Spicy / Herbal, Sweet, Tangerine
THC Content 15-20%
Yield Indoor yield:  500-600g/m²

Outdoor yield: 100g/plant

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