Orangina Buds


Grade AAAA Grade
Effect Aroused , Sedated , Concentrated


Potent Indica Hybrid

Orange Jam (Agent Orange x Space Jam) and Orange Cookies (GSC x Orange Juice)

Taste strong orange flavor with satuma and bergamot undertones
THC Content 29 %
Medical Benefit For people who suffer from sleeplessness. It also works well to reduce pain and treat multiple sclerosis and PMS symptoms.
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Orangina Buds

Orange Jam (Agent Orange x Space Jam) and Orange Cookies (GSC x Orange Juice) were crossed by Obsoul33t Genetics to create Orangina.

The mother, Orange Jam, displays a short Indica structure with a remarkable berry orange citrus sweetness. The genetics for Orange Cookies, created by Obsoul33t, the father, are based on a previous selection by The Grateful Seeds, where they discovered a terpene profile that tasted like a freshly squeezed blood orange with a biscuit undertone. a variety with a significant intermodal distance and excellent flower outputs. This trait is passed down to orangina, a plant that creates lovely coloring toward the end of flowering.

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