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Strawberry pie Auto


A delightful treat with a wonderful scent. With its eye-catching colors and mouthwatering aroma of red berries and cookie dough, this variety is sure to please. This Indica-dominant super-producer may yield up to 550gr/m2 of chunky, dense, light green flowers with pink, purple, and red highlights in about 9 weeks of maturity. The long orange pistils give this strain a striking bag appeal, making it ideal for commercial growers.

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A strain known for its unparalleled strength and delectable strawberry terps is called Strawberry Pie Auto. This strain is an olfactory pleasure, with an astounding 26% THC concentration and a perfume evocative of fresh red berries mixed with traces of cookie dough. This delightful Indica-dominant strain can be harvested in around 9 weeks from seed and offers producers a substantial yield of up to 550g/m2. Its eye-catching green color is enhanced with pink, purple, and red hues, drawing the attention of commercial farmers.

This autoflowering strain guarantees a well-balanced relaxation, relieving tension without making one feel sleepy. It stimulates mental harmony and a sense of keen focus and centering. It’s an excellent performer both inside and outside.

With a subtle whiff of gas, every puff has the alluring sweetness of strawberries to balance it out. Undertones of cookie dough, cinnamon, pine, and herbs emerge as the smoke swirls in your mouth, providing an exhale that tastes like a fine dessert. The best option for individuals looking for a special fusion of strength, taste, and pleasing appearance is Strawberry Pie Auto.

Characteristics of Strawberry pie Auto

Sex Feminized and Automatic
25% Sativa 75% Indica
Genetic Strawberry x Cherry Pie Auto
Flowering Type Automatic
Flowering Time 8-10 weeks from seed to harvest
Where to Grow Indoor, Greenhouse, Outdoor
Effect Euphoric, Relaxed
Taste Berries, floral
THC Content

CBD Content



Yield indoor

Yield Outdoor

550-600 gr/m²

100-150 gr/plant

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