Tangerine Sherbet


Grade AAAA Grade
Effect Mind buzz, more energic than relaxing at the beginning, that slowly turns into more relaxing, leaving an average body relaxed feeling


50 % Sativa / 50% Indica

Tangerine x sunset sherbet

Taste Tangerine ,cookie and icecream flavour
THC Content 24 %
Medical Benefit relieve symptoms of pain, muscle tension and nausea
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The scent of Tangerine Sherbet is robust, with flavors and scents that include a sweet, fruity foundation with a hint of skunk, somewhat spicy overtones, and a strong tangerine flavor at first that is balanced by complex, creamy floral notes that give an exotic touch.

It has a 24% THC content.

Its effects can include hunger stimulation. For novices who are not accustomed to this degree of potency, it is most definitely not advised.

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