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A premium hybrid strain from Copy Cats Genetics, renowned for its exceptional quality and potency. With a regal lineage sourced from various elite genetics, ‘The Queen’ delivers a diverse and luxurious experience. Expect a harmonious blend of effects, including relaxation, euphoria, and upliftment, making it suitable for a variety of occasions. Indulge in its royal flavors and aromas, which offer a delightful sensory journey fit for royalty. Elevate your cannabis experience with ‘The Queen’ and discover why it reigns supreme among connoisseurs.

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“Unveiling ‘The Queen,’ a masterpiece strain meticulously crafted by Copy Cats Genetics, known for its devotion to excellence in cannabis breeding. This regal hybrid inherits its majestic lineage from a blend of elite genetics, resulting in an unparalleled experience coveted by connoisseurs worldwide. Delight in ‘The Queen’s’ multi-faceted effects, seamlessly weaving between relaxation, euphoria, and invigoration, offering a versatile journey for both mind and body. Each encounter with ‘The Queen’ is a sensory celebration, as her royal flavors and aromas tantalize the palate with notes of exotic fruits, sweet florals, and hints of earthy undertones. With ‘The Queen’ as your companion, elevate your cannabis experience to new heights and bask in the royal treatment fit for the most discerning enthusiasts.”

Attribute Description
Strain Name The Queen S1 (Copycat Genetics)
THC Content 24%
CBD Content 0%
Type 80% Sativa / 20% Indica
Terpene Profile Vanilla Bean, Musky, Earthy, Funk
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