Grade AAAA Grade
Effect a sense of euphoria, creative inspiration, and a soothing body relaxation


40 % Sativa / 60% Indica

Gelato #33 X Orange Punch

Taste Fresh pine and spicy flowery taste are both revealed on a tentative taste of Wasabi.
THC Content 27 %
Medical Benefit Wasabi is often chosen to treat conditions such as eye pressure or glaucoma, appetite loss or nausea, spasticity, chronic stress and chronic pain
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Wasabi is delicious, visually stunning, and incredibly powerful bud. This strain has a 60% Indica profile and a 27% THC content. Clearly, once the high peaks, it can deliver strong hits of relaxation and drowsiness. During the initial stage, a faint hint of euphoria will take over your thoughts. However, it is short-lived as the effects of Indica take hold. luscious, earthy pine flavor Wasabi’s high complexity allows it to release a multitude of flavors and scents when tasted:

Flavor: A hesitant taste of Wasabi reveals a spicy floral taste along with hints of fresh pine. Toward the very end, there’s a subtle flavor of herbal tea.

  • Fragrance: You’re in for more floral scents and spicy notes. The scent of pine is incredibly fresh and energizing when you exhale.
  • Looks: Wasabi has round, fluffy nugs that are surrounded by bright orange hairs. There is also a layer of little white crystal trichomes all over the bud.
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