Weed Clones from Thai Farms


Please find below the listing  prices:

  • (1 to 10 clones : 300 baht per clone)
  • (10 to 20 clones : 280 baht per clone)
  • (20 to 50 clones : 250 baht per clone)
  • Delivery Fee : 120 baht for one clone
  • 90 baht per clone for more than 5 clones
  • Free delivery for at least 10 clones
  • Weed Clones from Thai Farms are available on weedseedthailand.com. Please contact us if you are interested. This item is not available in COD.
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Looking to buy high-quality cannabis clones and cuttings?We have a large selection of clones and cuttings for sale, all of which are guaranteed to be of the best quality.Whether you’re looking for Indica-dominant, Sativa-dominant, or hybrid clones, we’ve got you covered. Our clones are all supplied from reliable growers and are guaranteed to be pest and disease free. We only sell properly selected clones with outstanding genetics and phenotypes. You may be confident that you’re getting the greatest product available, whether you’re searching for a clone or cutting for personal use or commercial production. When you purchase clones or cuttings from our online store, you can be confident that you are getting the best bargain available. We have  affordable offerings, and we provide volume discounts.  Order your Thailand Weed clones now!

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Strain Name

Jelly beans, Blue cheese, Tropicana Cherry x Pure Michigan, Skunk #1, AC/ DC, Thc Bomb, Big Bud, Sour Diesel, Orange Bud, Ice, Cherry Bomb, Big Bomb, S Class, Juanita, Moby Dick, Critical Banana Smoothie, Apples & Bananas, White Runtz, Nicole Kush, Chiquita Banana, Cookies and cream, Gelato, Ice cream cake, Cinnamon Buddha, Quantum Kush, Mazar, Rainbow Truffles, Girl Scout cookies, G-13 Haze, Critical Mass, Bruce Banner, Kosher Kush fast, NYC Diesel, R-13-11 Platinum Kush Breath, Black domino, AK 47, My Dog Diesel, God's gift, Lemon Citron, Meringue, White Widow, Friscian Dew, Amnesia Haze, Beach Wedding, Marty, Granddaddy Purple, Strawberry Banana, Apple Fritters x Pure Michigan, Sugar Bomb Punch, Skywalker Haze, Sublimator, Blue berry, Jamaica special, Caramelo, Peanut butter breath, Afghan Kush, Critical Orange, Power Plant, Chocolate Mint, Gorilla glue, Watermelon Zkittlez, Amnesia OG Kush, Critical Jack Herrer, Bubba Kush, Apple fritters x Afghan Kush, Fat bastard, Bubble gum, Balboa, The Manta ray, Durban Poison


1 clone, 2 clones, 3 clones, 4 clones, 5 clones, 10 clones, 11 clones, 15 clones, 20 clones, 25 clones, 30 clones


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