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Amnesia Auto

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The THC concentration and flavor of Amnesia Auto XXL are exactly what we would expect from a top-notch autoflowering strain. She also yields a lot of buds.

Amnesia Auto has a rapid growth rate and is a good substrate and habitat adapter. When cultivated in hydroponic systems, it may yield a significant amount of output.

Amnesia XXL Autoflowering has a powerful and superb haze, lemon, incense, and pine fragrance.

As one may anticipate given her Sativa dominance, Amnesia XXL Auto has a strong psychedelic and cerebral effect that lasts for a while.

Amnesia Auto’s best used during the day or during creative endeavors rather than at night due to her high THC content, therefore beginner users should not take her lightly.

This variety is a combination of sativa and indica strains.


СексЖенственный и автоматический
РазнообразиеMostly Sativa
Генетика штаммовAmnesia
Тип цветенияsame cycle 12 hours lightening per day
Время цветения11-week cultivation cycle
Где растиКрытый, теплица, открытый
ВкусCitrus, Earthy, Pungent
Содержание ТГКcan go up to 25%
В помещении400-500 gr/m²
Открытый100 – 250 gr/plant
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1 отзыв на Amnesia Auto

  1. Marco Hanks (проверенный владелец)

    A very good weed. The effect is very strong. Amnesia auto is quite easy to grow. Thanks Guys !

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