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Legendary for its euphoric high and bubblegum-sweet aroma. The medium-tall marijuana plant known as bubble gum has dense, crystal-covered buds and is occasionally quite tall.

The Bubble Gum strain will initially sneak up on you like an indica.
But you’ll soon pick up on its sativa characteristics.
It’s the ideal cannabis variety for socializing with mates in the late afternoon.

Get ready to be inspired, to have fun, and to enjoy the moment.
Cannabis seeds styled like bubble gum can be sown either inside or outside.
They do, however, thrive best in typical climates.
They develop into high-yielding plants that blossom after 64 days.

When grown indoors, BubbleGum may easily produce 500 grams per square meter; this is not the highest yield, but the quality makes it worthwhile. Outdoors, it all depends on the temperature; in the appropriate season, dense hybrid marijuana strains like BubbleGum can flourish in most countries like Thailand.

Characteristics of BubbleGum

Разнообразие50% Indica 50% Sativa
Генетика штаммовIndica pure Afghan Kush variety
Тип цветенияphotoperiod
Время цветения 8-week flowering period
Где растиКрытый, теплица, открытый
ЭффектEuphoric | Happy | Relaxed | Uplifted
ВкусBerry Earthy Fruity Sweet
Содержание ТГКAround 19% THC.
Урожайoutdoors and Indoor Yield: 450–500gr / sqm
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