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Chiquita Banana

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The Banana OG strain is getting better with Weed Seeds Thailand’s Chiquita Banana.

Chiquita Banana has a lot to offer, not only to users of all types, but particularly to those seeking something genuinely unique and startling.

Fresh bananas are what Chiquita Banana genuinely tastes like, with syrupy, sweet, lemony exhale.
The aroma has hint of earthiness and is more citrusy and tropical than banana-like. 
The high is creeper; it creeps up on you after few minutes and takes over in one fell swoop. 
You’ll experience an almost immediate surge of uncontrollable euphoria, causing you to laugh hysterically at nearly everything.

Cannabis strain Chiquita Banana has a lot of promise and makes extra-thick buds with up to 25% THC.

Her sweet banana scent is really enticing!

The effects of this strain are entirely physical, beginning with a mild sense of exhilaration and developing into a strong high:

Once you’re able to stand up from the couch once more, you might discover that you have a strong appetite for junk food.

People who are not acclimated to powerful effects should avoid using Chiquita Banana, in particular since her delightful sweet and fruity flavor hides the very deadly effects that she actually has.

30% Sativa – 70% Indica
Indoor flowering: 7-8 weeks

Size: up to 170-200cm outdoors

Characteristics of Chiquita Banana

РазнообразиеMostly Sativa
Генетика штаммовAK47
Тип цветенияавтоматический, без смены цикла
Время цветения70 days from the seed
Где растиКрытый, теплица, открытый
Вкусsweet, Lemony, spicy




УрожайOutdoor yield: 450-500g per plant

Урожайность в помещении 350-400g /sqm



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1 отзыв на Chiquita Banana

  1. Stoned Aussie (проверенный владелец)

    I love the Chiquita Banana Strain as much i love puss* Happy with it. 5 seeds came out of 5, and so far the plants looks healthy and nice. Vey hurry to harvest those babies.

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