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Critical Jack Auto


The genetic development of this weed was a complex process. Critical Jack Auto is a cross between two autoflowering strains developed from some very special Critical Auto and Jack Herer Auto clones.

Critical Jack Auto is a quick-growing weed that blooms profusely, branches out beautifully, and grows fiercely.
Stress negatively impacts automatic strains’ flowering, thus this plant will be able to reach its full potential under ideal conditions.

Because of this, it is preferable to avoid transplanting and make sure the plant has enough soil. 7 litres should be plenty indoors, but only 11 litres should be required outside. develops quickly and vigorously from the beginning.

After about 15 to 20 days after germination, the first blooms should start to bloom. For a few more days, the plant will develop at its current rate and could possibly double or triple in size.

After germination, maturity is typically attained in 65 to 70 days. This strain is particularly productive due to its well-branched structure. Critical As the buds are shattered, Jack Herer releases a spicy, sweet incense scent. Spicy flavor with fruity top notes and peppery, coffee-flavored undertones. The effects are immediate, powerful, and mostly physical, but they also have a significant, pleasant, and joyful mental component.

Critical Jack Auto starts out nearly euphoric, generating giggling, chattiness, or a need to accomplish tasks or go for a walk. The effect gradually grows more calming, making it appropriate for a range of uses. This strain has a high resistance to mold and to plagues.

Characteristics of Critical Jack Auto

СексЖенственный и автоматический
Разнообразие100% indica
Генетика штаммовCritical Bilbo Auto x Jack Herer Auto
Тип цветенияавтоматический
Время цветенияGrowth + Flowering: 45 to 55 days
Где растиКрытый, теплица, открытый
ВкусCitric fruit
Содержание ТГКОколо 15% ТГК.
УрожайВ помещении: 450-500 г/кв.м.

Outdoor: 80 g per plant

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