Girl Scout Cookies


The fragrance of the Girl Scout Cookies marijuana is strong, just like the high it produces. It is well-liked in the scene for its efficacy and clean high, but compared to other strains, it yields relatively little. Nevertheless, the strain’s special power makes the wait justified.

Girl Scout Cookies has a euphoric effect that will make you happy the entire time. It will motivate you and maintain your vitality. The flavor is earthy and sweet. All who come into contact with it adore this strain.

Patients suffering from headaches or sadness will benefit from this strain. Additionally, it soothes the nerves after a busy day or week. By no means will Girl Scout Cookies put you to sleep, but they will undoubtedly help you discover the degree of comfort required to get there.

Despite being a rather easygoing plant, we strongly advise checking the pH levels in the water to ensure that they remain around 6.5 in order to avoid hurting or stifling the plant’s growth. In the final weeks of development, growers will notice a final bulky swelling. the flavor is a complex fusion of earthy kushy flavorings, with hints of mint and fruity undertones. It is fairly sweet and cookie-like.

Once you start medicating and light up, everything is smiles and happiness from that point on.

  • Height Indoor 120 cm
  • Height Outdoor 240 cm

Characteristics of Girl Scout Cookies

РазнообразиеIndica 60% sativa 40%
Генетика штаммовDurban Poison with OG Kush cross
Тип цветенияфотопериод
Время цветения8 to 9 weeks
Где растиКрытый, теплица, открытый
ЭффектHappy Relaxed Euphoric
ВкусSweet, earthy, pungent, lemon, mint, spicy, herbal
Содержание ТГК18% – 28%
УрожайIndoor: 750g / sqm (26 OUNCES)

Outdoor: 1400g / sqm (49 OUNCES)

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