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Mango Auto


The Mango Auto weed will produce a plant with a maximum height of around 90 cm and adequate branching, resulting in a generous and evenly distributed flower production across the branches.

The strain Mango Auto has a lot to offer. This autoflowering hybrid produces respectable yields and is quick and simple to grow. This strain is outstanding for recreational use and has won praise from medical users for its vast variety of therapeutic characteristics. It offers a diversified and deeply soothing buzz. Additionally, it features mouthwatering mango flavors that are sure to make cannabis connoisseurs drool. The best autoflowering strain available is this one.

Characteristics of Mango Auto

СексЖенственный и автоматический
РазнообразиеIndica Dominant Ruderalis
Генетика штаммовa crossed between Mango and Ruderalis
Тип цветенияавтоматический, без смены цикла
Время цветения8 weeks from the seed
Где растиКрытый, теплица, открытый
Эффектuplifting buzz is both cerebral and felt bodily
Вкусmango and creamy lemon
Содержание ТГК18%
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