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Mobydick Auto


MobyDick Auto is definitly one of our most popular autoflowering weeds.

This citrus flower is a cross of White Widow and Haze, creating a power-hybrid that never disappoint.

With the advantage of a quick flowering, MobyDick Auto is ready for harvest in just 75 days from germination.

MobyDick Auto is strikingly similar to its non-auto version, fully encapsulating the best aspects of growth structure, aroma, flavor, and resin production.

Moby Dick Auto thrives in greenhouses, open spaces, and indoor environments. It is easy to grow and suitable for gardeners of all skill levels.

Expect plentiful crops of stunning, heavy, and dense blossoms that taste strongly of lemon haze and have hints of cedar wood and incense. When ingested, the effect is strong, euphoric, energizing, intellectual, and long-lasting. It’s a fantastic option for an engaging, afternoon smoke and for socializing with friends.

Height: 70-130cm

Characteristics of Mobydick Auto

СексЖенственный и автоматический
РазнообразиеMostly Sativa 75%
Генетика штаммовHaze Auto x White Widow Auto
Тип цветенияавтоматический
Время цветения 75 days from germination
Где растиКрытый, теплица, открытый
Эффектeuphoric, happy, uplifted
Вкусcitrus, sweet, earthy, lemon, pine
Содержание ТГКAround 27% THC.
Урожайindoors: 40-180g per plant
outdoors: 70-230g per plant
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