NYC Diesel Auto


An autoflowering cannabis seed called Diesel Auto was created by crossing a NYC Diesel and a Lowryder #2.

Артикул: Н/Д Категории: ,

She is a relatively compact, strong, and simple-to-grow marijuana plant that produces large, dense, high-quality buds all over its primary stem and branches during a brief flowering time.

NYC Diesel Auto is perfect for discreet outdoor growth as well as indoor growing in tiny places, and depending on the location, it may even produce multiple crops annually.

NYC Diesel Auto has a strong flavor and aroma with undertones of gasoline, citrus, and exotic fruits.

This strain  has a potent and well-balanced impact, beginning with mental stimulation and ending with a relaxing feeling.

Genetics: Diesel Genetics x Lowrider # 2
Production: up to 60g
Harvest: ready in 8 weeks


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