Pineapple Express


Pineapple Express auto is the crossing of a Skunk, a Hawaiian cannabis strain, and a Ruderalis.

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Pineapple Express is perfect for small indoor grow spaces or covert outdoor marijuana gardens because it can reach a maximum height of 40 to 50 cm.

Pineapple Express Auto produces a yield of about 30 grams per plant 65 to 75 days from planting.

It doesn’t produce a lot of crops, but its intriguing and potent organoleptic traits will intrigue you. They combine an exotic fruit flavor with sweet overtones that linger on the tongue.

С концентрацией ТГК от 15 до 25 процентов, он обеспечивает умеренный эффект, который не выбьет вас из колеи, не заставит вас сидеть на диване и не вызовет беспокойства.

Instead, it will take you on its train, which is both soothing and stimulating. Great for a creative inspiration, writer’s block, or any other musical revelation.

This plant that is a perfect choice for novice growers seeking a fruity reprieve.

Strong sweet aroma that is almost perfume-like will be released by the plant. A generally simple plant that is excellent for novice growers.

Large size produces large yields.

The enormous size is accompanied by incredible yields that can exceed 550gr/m2.

Discover a delectable fusion of tart pineapple and sweet tropical flavors, just like a smoothie.

Have lots of space because this plant grows taller than others; it can reach a height of 140cm!

Flawlessly balanced, this strain won’t make you feel couch-locked or paranoid; instead, it will give you a nice, tranquil, and soothing high.

Characteristics of Pineapple Express

 ВкусTropical, Sweet, Fruits, Sour pineapple
 THCдо 25%


< 1%

< 1%

Сбор урожая в помещении400 – 550 gr/m2
 Урожай на открытом воздухе50 – 200 gr/plant
Высота60 – 110 cm
 Цветение10 weeks
 номерВнутри снаружи
 ГеныSativa 40%  Indica 60%
 GeneticsPineapple Express Auto
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