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Purple Punch Auto


One of the most amazing marijuana strains, Purple Punch Auto produces a lot of flowers with purple undertones and has a calming effect.

Outdoors, under ideal circumstances, you can get a very abundant harvest with an Purple Punch Auto. With good resistance to bad weather, mold, and cannabis pests, this strain is an easy-to-grow, hardy, and quickly growing plant. It produces good results when used by both seasoned growers and novices who are producing cannabis for personal use.

Characteristics of Purple Punch Auto

СексЖенственный и автоматический
Разнообразие15% Sativa 85% Indica
Генетика штаммовIndica Ruderalis
Тип цветенияавтоматический
Время цветения50-60 days after germination
Где растиКрытый, теплица, открытый
Эффектultra-relaxing indica punch
ВкусAroma and flavor very sweet
Содержание ТГКAround 18% THC.
Урожай70 to 190gr per plant
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