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NYC Diesel


An Afghani and a Mexican strain were crossed to create the Famous Diesel feminized weed seed.

NYC Diesel is a medium-sized marijuana plant that is strong and simple to grow, with thin, long leaves and several branches covered in dense, sticky buds. The technique of manicure becomes considerably simpler due to the lack of leaves.

Inexperienced weed growers can readily obtain a variety of exotic crops resistant to moisture, whether they choose to grow indoors or outdoors.

This weed has a strong, fruity flavor and scent with distinct undertones of lemon and diesel. It has a strong and well-rounded influence on the body and mind.

As with many other cerebral highs, it is often chosen by patients seeking relief from stress, anxiety and depression related disorders. Even so the strain’s bodily effects are strong enough that they may make mild to moderate chronic aches and pains more manageable.

Characteristics of NYC Diesel

ความหลากหลายsativa-dominant hybrid
พันธุศาสตร์สายพันธุ์Afghan x Mexican
เวลาออกดอก9 สัปดาห์
จะเติบโตที่ไหนในร่ม เรือนกระจก กลางแจ้ง
sweet citrusy  undertones of diesel
เนื้อหา THC22%
ผลผลิตผลผลิตในร่ม 450-500 g/m2

ผลผลิตกลางแจ้ง: 600-800 g/plant


3 เมล็ด 5 เมล็ด 10 เมล็ด 50 เมล็ด 100 เมล็ด



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