When Should I Water My Weed ?

Weed, like other plants, needs water to carry out its essential activities. Water helps plants absorb nutrients from the soil, up the plant and into the leaves, and the plant cannot exist without it. However, providing the right amount of water to a marijuana plant can be more difficult than you think.

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How often should weed plants be watered?

Watering a cannabis plant is not an exact science. In most situations, you can’t see the roots to see if they need water.

Also, as a plant grows continuously and the environment it is in varies, the amount of water it needs also fluctuates. Here are some proven methods for keeping your cannabis plants hydrated and healthy. A common mistake newbie growers make is over watering cannabis plants. A wet and dry cycle is healthy and necessary for a plant’s roots to grow and penetrate deeper into the soil.

Also, the roots suck in oxygen when the soil dries out, and when the soil is too wet, the plant cannot suck in oxygen effectively and essentially cannot breathe. Below are general estimates and are intended to give growers a rough idea of ​​watering frequency; if a plant needs water and is outside these ranges, water it.

How do you know if a marijuana plant needs watering?

The best way to tell if a cannabis plant needs water is to: Stick a finger 1-2 inches into the soil – if it’s wet, wait; if it is dry, it is time to water. You can also pick up a pot and feel its weight to determine if it needs water.

This will take some experience – be sure to lift your pots after watering to get an idea of ​​their weight when full of water. It will also give you an idea of ​​what a light, dry plant looks like. An under-watered marijuana plant looks droopy and weak, with yellow or brown leaves; there is no strength in the leaves and they seem lifeless.

The leaves of an overwatered plant look slightly similar in that they droop except that the leaves will be dark green and the tips of the leaves will be curled. Cannabis watering

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