Medical Marijuana in Thailand

Science has proven that cannabis, used for therapeutic purposes, has excellent qualities that can help some very sick patients in their quest for healing. Because when we say cannabis, far too many people quickly think of joints, drugs and prohibition…

However, the virtues of medical Marijuana for patients in Thailand with chronic pain, spasms related to multiple sclerosis, nausea or lack of appetite due to AIDS or cancer…

The scientifically recognized properties of medical Marijuana in Thailand :

analgesics: terminally ill patients and for chronic pain resistant to traditional treatments;
relaxants and sleeping pills: terminally ill, sleep disorders;
anti-spasmodics: multiple sclerosis, epilepsy;
anti-emetics: treatment of the side effects of chemotherapy or other heavy treatments;
stimulating the appetite and restoring the desire to eat: fights against cachexia (extreme thinness) and promotes weight gain;
bronchodilators: asthma;
anti-inflammatories: the non-psychoactive cannabidiol CBD (see Cannabinoid) is known for its affinity with the CB2 receptors located on the immune T cells.
anti-psychotics: alternative treatment for Schizophrenia;
vasodilators: glaucoma, migraines.
Stimulation of the appetite, in the event of significant thinness or cachexia in elderly people on long stays, patients with Alzheimer’s disease or AIDS; analgesia in cases of neuralgia

medical Cannabis