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Strawberry Banana Auto


Strawberry Banana Auto, with up to 27% THC, is one of the most THC-rich strains to enter the market recently. This gigantic autoflower grows up to 150cm and produces massive yields of up to 600gr/m2. A fantastic strain for anyone looking for powerful autoflowers that offer in both quality and quantity. Expect an exceptionally sweet and fruity terpene profile with an apparent Strawberry and Banana aroma that pairs well with a strong body high coupled with a cerebral high that enhances creativity; a strain that will surprise you with its powerful yet well-balanced Indica and Sativa effects.

How does the Strawberry Banana Auto Strain Taste and Act?

This strain has a distinct flavor of sweet tropical strawberries with a slight bubblegum backdrop on the inhale and a more noticeable ripe banana with a strong earthy background on the exhale.
The ideal potency and terpene profile for hash producers and extractors seeking the most potent strains with the most potent terpene profiles.

What are Strawberry Banana Autoflower Strain’s Health Advantages?

This strain has a powerful hybrid effect due to its high THC level; upon smoking, you will experience a little head buzz that progressively transforms into a strong euphoric and elevated cerebral high that leaves you focused and alert. When smoked in excess, the Sativa effect is accompanied by a warming physical haze that steadily sedates your entire body and can leave you couch-locked with intense cravings. This strain is highly suggested for those with a high tolerance as well as medicinal patients seeking an alternative to relieve chronic pain, appetite loss, or severe anxiety.

Strain Growing Instructions

This strain grows quickly and clearly demonstrates its mixed heritage; the main cola grows tall, reaching up to 150cm, and is followed by several side branches that remain short in comparison to the main cola, but grow quite long and develop multiple flowering sites that are completely covered in greasy buds from top to bottom. This type stays compact and, despite its height, retains the traditional Indica structure until harvest, when it will seem like a gorgeous and atypically big Indica.

Make sure you have enough vertical space in your grow tent, this strain can grow up to 150cm so it’s recommended your tent is at least 200cm tall to avoid having problems in the last weeks of your grow cycle. Once the buds start fattening up they will get quite heavy so pay close attention to the branches and if you feel like they won’t be able to withstand the weight, use plant yo-yo’s or bamboo stakes to provide support and prevent them from snapping. The strong strawberry banana terps are clearly apparent but remember to flush thoroughly to enhance the potent fruity terps even more.

Characteristics of Strawberry Banana Auto

SexFeminized and Automatic
VarietyIndica 55% -Sativa 45% hybrid
Strain GeneticsBubble Gum and Banana Kush x Ruderalis
Flowering TypeAutomatic
Flowering Time10–11 weeks from seed
Where to GrowIndoor, Greenhouse, Outdoor
Effectstrong euphoric and uplifted cerebral high
Tastesweet, earthy and bubblegum
THC ContentUp to 27%.
Yield indoor

Yield Outdoor

450-600 gr/ sqm

50- 250 gr/plant

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