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Purple Haze


The name Purple Haze Feminized is derived from a famous song by Jimi Hendrix. As its name suggests, it typically yields large amounts of visually striking purple flowers. Its sativa dominance results in an energizing, chatty high. It is hence ideal for social settings. Growers around the world love this variety for its short flowering seasons and sweet-and-sour scent.

Purple Haze is 20% indica and 80% sativa in cannabis. The uplifting and energizing high truly highlights the strain’s sativa origins. The strain is a cross between a Haze variety and Purple Thai, with an outstanding history. The violet-colored blossoms and the delicious, tart scent both bear witness to this parentage.

Since the strain is feminized, there is very little chance that any male plants will grow from the seeds. This greatly simplifies cultivation. The flowering period of Purple Haze Ferminized is comparatively short, taking about 50 to 65 days.

Because the plants are shorter than most Haze strains, they are easier to handle in small spaces. They typically grow to a height of 110 to 150 cm. Their appearance consists of lateral branches and lengthy internodal gaps. The fluffy, long blossoms often have a pronounced purple hue running through them.

The pH levels of the soil the plant is grown in determine how intense its color is. Additionally, the violet color of the blooms will probably deepen in lower temperatures during blossoming.

Purple Haze Feminized is a good option for inexperienced growers because it is thought to be a very simple strain to cultivate.

Characteristics of Purple Haze

Sex Feminized
Variety 80% Sativa 20% Indica
Strain Genetics cross between Haze strains and Purple Thai
Flowering Type photoperiodic
Flowering Time 50 to 65 days
Where to Grow Indoor, Greenhouse, Outdoor
Effect hazy experience with a great trippy effect
Taste sweet earthy with berry notes
THC Content

CBD content

Up to 21%.


Yield indoor

Yield Outdoor

400-500gr/ sqm

Up to 400 gr/plant

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