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Bruce Banner Auto

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A made-in-the-USA genetics with amazing THC levels, Bruce Banner is one of the most potent strains, and Bruce Banner Auto is essentially an autoflowering variant of Bruce Banner.
That this autoflowering is so strong and potent comes as no surprise.

Bruce Banner Auto is a powerful sativa strain fosters creativity and motivates users to complete tasks that require intense attention. People who are experiencing discomfort should not be concerned because it will effectively relieve all aches and pains.

In 65-70 days following germination, Bruce Banner Auto may produce harvests of up to 450-600 gr/ sqm inside and 50- 200 gr/plant outside,

Bruce Banner Auto, a fantastic sativa hybrid (65% sativa, 35% Indica), is pleasant to the last trichome and gives consumers the sensation of floating into the skies. This uplifting cannabis strain is a stunning cross of OG Kush, Strawberry Diesel, and Ruderalis genetics.

Its delicious, earthy richness lifts the mood while invigorating the body with gentle energy. It requires very little attention from its owner and matures quickly.

Similar to the photoperiod variant, users can anticipate a quick, intense head high with a hint of Indica. It was tranquil and peaceful, not narcotic or mind-numbing. The best variety for remaining upbeat, attentive, and social all day.

She has strong, earthy, spicy flavors and aromas with undertones of strawberry and diesel.

The potent Bruce Banner Auto can be an excellent addition to social gatherings and celebrations because it elevates the mood and keeps a happy attitude for a couple of hours.

It also promotes creative thinking, allowing your mind to explore new sources of inspiration. Numerous medical patients benefit from the surge of energy since it relaxes the body and relieves all pains and aches.

The analgesic high aids patients in their fight against anxiety, depression, migraines, arthritis, and stress. If you want to reap the huge medical and recreational benefits, cultivating your own crop rather than visiting a dispensary is the ideal alternative!

Characteristics of Bruce Banner Auto

Sex Feminized and Automatic
Variety Indica 35% -Sativa 65% hybrid
Strain Genetics cross of Strawberry Diesel and OG Kush x Ruderalis
Flowering Type Automatic
Flowering Time 10–11 weeks from seed
Where to Grow Indoor, Greenhouse, Outdoor
Effect Euphoric Relaxed Happiness Stimulating Creativity
Taste Diesel Earthy Spicy Herbal Sweet
THC Content


Up to 25%.

less than 1%.

Yield indoor

Yield Outdoor

450-600 gr/ sqm

50- 200 gr/plant

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  1. Larry NYC (ผู้ซื้อสินค้า)

    WTF ! this stuff is very strong. I made 40 grams dry on your Bruce Banner. I was expecting a bit more, but the product is very high quality. It’s a party weed, not to relax, and not if you have important things to do. Cheers from Pattaya.

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