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Great White Shark


Great White Shark is a true indica heavyweight. It’s a potent cross of Super Skunk and White Widow that has won multiple cannabis cups and is also known as Peacemaker. It provides a powerful but manageable body stone while being hard hitting and tasty. It’s a true classic for any grow room, being compact and easy to grow.

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The effects of Great White Shark are very fast, with a strong but balanced indica body stone that is long lasting and deeply felt. THC levels are manageable between 15-18%, making it ideal for a relaxing day of socializing or if you still have work to do. It has excellent medicinal properties and is especially beneficial for appetite stimulation and pain relief. Its calming effect can also be beneficial to those who are stressed or anxious.

This strain is ideal for indoors because it stays short and bushy. It responds well to training and is well suited to SOG or SCROG applications. Although it can be ready sooner, 9 weeks is recommended to fully develop its THC levels and turpenes properties. You can increase the yield to 400g/m2+ by growing it for the full 9 weeks. Growing outside, harvest time is recommended as late September to early October, with a hefty 1kg per plant.

Great White Shark is one of the most popular grass kinds among both amateur and expert gardeners due toits quick flowering, which results in a low, compact plant with an Indica appearance, and its good behavior against pests and diseases.

Characteristics of Great White Shark

Sex Feminized
Variety 80% Indica 20% Sativa
Strain Genetics White Widow x Skunk #1
Flowering Type Photoperiodic
Flowering Time 9 weeks
Where to Grow Indoor, Greenhouse, Outdoor
Effect excellent stress reliever
very skunky taste
THC Content 20%
Yield 300-400g/m2
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