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Beach Wedding


Beach Wedding combines two of modern cannabis’ most elite strains. The combination of the monster Wedding Cake with  Tropicanna Cookies. The end result is a resin match made in heaven. Tropicanna Cookies F1 exhibits deep purple colors as well as warm spice and cookie dough flavors and aromas. In our feminized version, you will also get orange trichomes.

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Beach Wedding is a relaxing variety that will immerse you in a state of peace and joy.

As it contains so much THC, it can alter sensations. Beach Wedding are a true factory of resin and terpenes loaded with aroma.A variety with outstanding yields in extractions.

This strain  has a beautiful dark purple color with a delicious cookie dough and orange flavor, a legacy of her predecessor Tropicanna Cookies.

Beach Wedding’s fan leaves should be removed prior to flowering to allow for better light penetration. She’ll be finished in 70 days.

This variety is well-known for her flower and resin production.

Characteristics of  Beach Wedding

Variety25% sativa 75% indica
Strain GeneticsWedding Cake x Tropicanna Cookies F1
Flowering Typephotoperiod
Flowering Time63-70 Days
Where to GrowIndoor, Greenhouse, Outdoor
EffectStrong relaxing effects.
TasteSweet aromas of cookies predominate with hints of tropical orange.





THC:20 – 25%
Yieldindoors 550-600 g per sqm
outdoors 450g per plant
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